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The professionals at Law Office of Andrew Kern take great care for chapter 13 related cases. If you feel the pressure of insurmountable debt, we empathize with your situation. At Law Office of Andrew Kern, we understand that addressing the whole picture of legal, financial, and social issues is important. We strive diligently to ensure all aspects of chapter 13 matters are considered when representing clients facing bankruptcy and other financial strife.

At Law Office of Andrew Kern, we pride ourselves on the high level of personal service we offer in helping families face chapter 13 matters head on. Tough chapter 13 decisions sometimes require a strong and experienced outside voice to explain available options without bias or fear. If you face bankruptcy or other chapter 13 related matters in the Petaluma area, let our team at Law Office of Andrew Kern better guide you through the complicated and scary process.

If you face financial ruin in or near the Petaluma area, we can help guide you through the tough decisions of bankruptcy and other chapter 13 related matters. It is natural to feel scared in times of financial strife, but our team at Law Office of Andrew Kern will strive diligently to ensure your comfort and awareness through the whole process.

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Bankruptcy can be a scary situation, but we at Law Office of Andrew Kern can walk you through the process. Do not risk your financial security in the Petaluma area by handling your chapter 13 situation alone.

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