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As your diligent legal team, we at Law Office of Andrew Kern will take the time to explain every detail of the chapter 13 process. We will ensure your understanding of what chapter 13 options are available, and how they will affect you. With our guidance, you can turn your scary situation of bankruptcy or other financial burdens into path towards a positive future in the Sonoma area.

We at Law Office of Andrew Kern understand how paralyzing and intimidating bankruptcy and other chapter 13 matters can feel; therefore, upon our hire, we will handle all collection calls aimed at you, allowing you some peace in the Sonoma area. Within the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, there are sanctions with which our team at Law Office of Andrew Kern can work to keep abusive collectors accountable. Bankruptcy and financial toil can be a stressful time in the Sonoma area. Do not face it alone, but instead rely on the support of our team at Law Office of Andrew Kern.

In most chapter 13 cases, the main focus is removing a crushing burden of debt. Here at Law Office of Andrew Kern, we make this our biggest concern too. We want to ensure that when you work with our firm, you get the results you were hoping for from your chapter 13 case. If you are from the Sonoma area and face possible bankruptcy, call our team at Law Office of Andrew Kern to make sure you are prepared.

Call us at Law Office of Andrew Kern to protect your financial security today.

Your finances are important to your future, and chapter 13 matters can drastically alter them. If you face bankruptcy or other chapter 13 matters in the Sonoma area, do not haphazardly handle your case. Trust the legal professionals of Law Office of Andrew Kern to guide you.

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