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Car accidents are not uncommon in the Petaluma area, but proper legal representation can be. Look to the legal professionals at Law Office of Andrew Kern and end your frustrating search. We provide legal guidance and aid to clients making construction accident claims to improve chances of their proper compensation.

The dedicated law firm of Law Office of Andrew Kern serves the legal needs of construction accident victims throughout the Petaluma area. Here at Law Office of Andrew Kern, we lend our aid to any client suffering through an injury or the wrongful death of a loved one.

Law Office of Andrew Kern will thoroughly investigate the details of your construction accident claim, allowing us to construct an efficient defense. If you are from the Petaluma area, we can scrutinize every detail of your case and give you the chance to fight for your rights. Our firm is focused on getting clients the compensation needed of their construction accident cases so medical bills and funeral expenses do not become a burden.

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construction accident matters can affect your life in more ways than you realize. Petaluma area hospital bills and can quickly stack up, but if you have suffered a situation involving construction accident matters, you may not be responsible.

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